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Riklis Karto, a trendy men's hairdresser. Or, rather, hair architect. For this young self-made entrepreneur, nothing is too crazy, "dream big, impossible is nothing" is the motto he believes in. He began at the age of sixteen with haircuts for friends and acquaintances and managed in no time to build an exclusive clientele: soccer stars of FC Groningen like to come to Riklis for a haircut. Meanwhile, his work has also been noticed internationally and every now and then he is even flown in by internationals for a haircut across the border.

Riklis Karto has been located with his barbershop in a monumental building in Groningen since 2019. Here, with an eye for detail, the latest trends are applied. In addition, the store also functions as a sales outlet for all kinds of niche perfumes. Only the very best brands are flown in from all over the world. Brands with which he came into contact through his contacts in the world of soccer.

Riklis Karto

Perfectionism and entrepreneurship

"I'm a perfectionist. Everything I do I want to do perfectly. That is my strength, but of course it is also a challenge because you are involved in all the little details yourself. I have now expanded the salon with exclusive perfumes, because that fits well with the exclusive character of our salon. These are increasingly being sold online through the webshop. Recently we have also expanded Riklis Karto Parfum to include subscriptions, where clients receive a different niche fragrance every month to try out, just until they have found what suits them very best!"

Riklis Karto

So to ensure quality both online and offline in the salon, it is important to work with a good software program that, like us, also wants to keep developing continuously. That was also the main reason to start working with Aimy, because their vision and digital experience really fits with our plans and the future. I can already see the bigger picture where my online business and the salon fit together seamlessly and also taking the customer experience to an even higher level.

- Riklis Karto

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