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Whether you are just starting out or have been using salon software for years: Aimy transfers all the data for you and provides unsurpassed support. So you can be up and running in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Aimy, you are never locked into a contract. The subscription is cancelable on a monthly basis. This can easily be done by downgrading the subscription after logging in.

We have a special switching service. Past and present information is transferred from the existing system. This includes appointments, invoices, services, color cards and products. These are placed into the system at a moment's notice. So you can get on with your salon right away.

Aimy's team is available 7 days a week between 8am - 8pm. We can be reached via whatsapp, email and/or phone. We are happy to help you with any question. This can be about setting up certain features, subscription or new fun suggestions for Aimy.

Whatsapp is very en easy to activate. The moment you have selected a subscription, you can activate the Add on Whatsapp. Then you can go to settings >> notifications. Here you can find all types of notifications. By turning on whatsapp for a notification whatsapp will be sent automatically.

Our widget can be placed on any type of website. The widget can be activated by placing a piece of code on your website. Usually this can be done by placing the code snippet in the footer tag of your website. The piece of code can be found under settings >> widget >> widget code and settings. Of course, we also understand that placing the piece of code can be complicated. That's why the team at Aimy is happy to help you place the code.

You will receive your first invoice immediately after signing up. After that you will receive an invoice every month. The invoices will be sent to you by e-mail.

To successfully set up your account, we recommend first getting started with creating employees, categories and services. Then you can enter employee availability. The calendar is then ready to use. Do you also want to sell products? Then you can add products under the "products" tab. These are immediately available in the cash register. Notifications can be turned on by going to settings and then notifications. So you can successfully start using the software!

The information (data) is securely stored on our servers (located in the Netherlands). Customers must agree to the terms and conditions when booking and have the option to opt-in and opt-out.

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