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Four times(!) Huub Eysink was voted best hairdresser in the Netherlands. If you ask him what the reason behind his success is, he says it is simply the fact that he dares to be unique and always keeps challenging himself, "from standing still and doing the same thing, you learn nothing." That same positive growth mindset is also the driving force behind the successful salon "Hair Plaza", which he set up with his wife Sharon in Zwolle. Recently they decided to merge their two branches into a beautiful new location in Zwolle. The main reason was mainly to regain more focus instead of being divided over two branches and thereby create a closer team.

Positive mindset as entrepreneurs

"Also as entrepreneurs, we are always thinking about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We love to see our employees adopting that as well. We find it important that our employees dare to carry a positive and creative mindset into the salon. They are the future and then you also have to dare to challenge yourself to achieve the most beautiful result together with the client. A good example is that when we switched to Aimy, we deliberately said that the color cards could not be transferred to the new system. That way you trigger everyone to look again at the client and create a new color. If you keep looking back too much at what you did last time it's destructive to your creativity."

Huub Eysink

Hair Plaza stands for creativity and quality. This is not just limited to the salon. It also has to connect digitally. Because we have an extensive list of treatments, we came up with the idea of applying filters, just like you see in online shopping. That way, together with Aimy, we create better customer experiences because customers can choose the right treatment more easily. That's also what we love about working with Aimy. Having a sparring partner with the same positive mindset, not only in the salon, but now also digitally. Nothing is too crazy and that gives a huge boost for the future.

- Huub Eysink | Hair Plaza

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