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The Haagsche Kopjes is a well-known salon in The Hague and since 1993 it is actually impossible to imagine the Haagsche vondelstraat without it. What is nice is that the Haagsche Kopjes is more than just a barbershop, but really a creative meeting place, where art music and the hairdressing profession come together.

We also deliberately do not work with staff, but with entrepreneurs. This creates the right dynamic in the salon and ensures that we inspire each other and learn from each other. So we thought it was nice, not to choose an existing software party, but to give young entrepreneurs that chance.

Super cool to see how those guys spent the first few months with us in the salon, getting to know exactly how things worked from day to day and what we were up against. They also picked up the phone in the salon, to know how to schedule appointments, and were soon indispensable to our salon. I do think they soon found out that they had not chosen the easiest salon to start their business haha.

Switching from paper diary...

We actually never really got into digitization. Our calendar, client file and hair color recipe card, it was all just pen and paper work. The frenzy of the phone ringing nonstop was also just part of it for you to feel.

Only at some point you notice that customer needs change and there is a need to book digitally. You also notice that answering the phone comes at the expense of our attention to the customers. So when Aimy came along, it was actually exactly the right time to take the step.

It is still a little thing for us as entrepreneurs, that we feel that we no longer have full control over our schedule. What worked very well for us in that transition was that we were able to discuss all our needs (and there were many, with 7 self-employed people) right away with the Aimy team. .

Especially in our hectic salon, that was important: good service, where we could go 24 hours a day for questions and things that didn't go well. Everything was, and still is by the way, handled and solved really super fast.

Time for creativity!

We are all creatives at the Haagsche Kopjes. Our salon is also an art gallery, which we make available to creative artists to exhibit their work. We also all chose the hairdressing profession because of the creative aspect. As an entrepreneur, you notice that in recent years, especially with all the rules and regulations, more and more time is spent on peripheral matters, which you don't really want to deal with.

Barbera Strong

With us, it was mainly the phone ringing non-stop (which of course we are happy about, don't get me wrong) that was the deciding factor. Because that distraction means every time one of the hairdressers has to walk away from his or her client, who comes for that personal attention.

That is also the main reason to start working with Aimy, so that we have more time for what we love most about this profession: creativity.

- Barbera Strong | Haagsche Kopjes

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