New features in Aimy (Aug. 2023)

Aimy is constantly introducing useful and innovative features. We do this by engaging with our customers and listening to their feedback and ideas. In this blog post an overview of the latest features we have added in Aimy.

Cross books

Cross booking is a frequently requested functionality by Aimy users.

But what is cross booking? A combination of booking treatments with different employees. This provides more options in the calendar and allows a client to be helped by, for example, a specialist on colors and a specialist on haircuts. With this, a salon offers more options, has higher productivity and customer satisfaction goes up because the customer can be helped faster and better.

Cross books can be turned on super easily in Aimy, by selecting one of two cross book options in widget settings. Option 1: cross booking is done automatically by Aimy's widget. Here, the client only indicates which employee preference they have for the first treatment. Option 2: here a client can decide who he wants to be helped by for each treatment.

Renewed customer page

We have pooled the feedback and experiences of all customers and, as a result, completely rebuilt the customer system.

The customer system is directly linked to appointments in the calendar, so you can find customer information even faster. Searching for customers is also faster and easier. And even on your mobile you can easily view all of a customer's information. The look and feel of the new customer system is aligned with the other pages, so you can view and use everything even more user-friendly.

Paying in advance

You can have your clients pay in advance in Aimy! This creates fewer no-shows and gets your money in sooner as a salon owner. It is also easy for the client to do this while booking.

Of course, you can set this up all by yourself; for example, you can decide whether it's mandatory or optional. Can you have a down payment for a treatment, or the full amount. You can also choose to do it for part of the treatments, for example very extensive and expensive treatments. Payment is done by the customer through iDEAL, so familiar through his or her bank.

Note! It is essential that you are onboard in Aimy for payments. You can do this super easily and immediately you will receive the money directly into your account.

Pinterminal linked directly to Aimy

Together with our partner Adyen, we have developed a full integration for receiving your money faster and easier. So you can control the pin terminal directly from the cash register. Immediately no more cash differences.

We also launched prepayment widget and payment requests with Adyen. This makes it even easier to receive your money. For example, for important color treatments.

Each salon is free to specify which payment option is or is not offered to customers.

Direct actions

A mega handy feature in the calendar is "Direct Actions". Now even easier to add extra hours, leave and sickness in the calendar. You can also immediately add an employee extra on a day.

And not only that! You can instantly see the progress of the target per employee and the productivity of that employee on the day.

This makes a salon owner's life even easier 😊

So immediately put an immediate action live.

Google reservation

With this functionality, Aimy allows your (potential) customers to book your salon directly through Google when they search your salon through Google.

Through the "Online Booking" button, your regular or new customers can book more easily. To use Google Booking right away, click on the link in bio to get started through a few simple steps. This is a perfect tool to get more customers to book appointments for haircuts, styling treatments, beauty treatments, directly through the Google search page. Of course, because of the link with Aimy, this takes into account the availability in your calendar!

Please note; at this time it is only possible to book single treatments via Google Booking and is NOT yet available for combinations. So it is not possible to book color treatments with a break-in time and post-treatment via Google Booking.