3 effective ways to reduce no-shows in your salon

Nothing is more disappointing to a salon manager than a packed schedule that ultimately results in empty chairs and lost revenue due to no-shows. But not to worry, with Aimy, there are effective ways to address this problem.

Reminders via email and WhatsApp

One of the most effective ways to reduce no-shows is by reminding customers of their appointments in a timely manner. With Aimy, you can easily set up and automatically send reminder emails and WhatsApp messages to clients. These reminders can be set to appear a certain number of hours before the appointment, giving customers enough time to adjust their appointment if necessary. With these reminders, customers cannot forget their appointments and are more likely to show up on time.

Setting this reminder can easily be done through Settings> Notifications.

Prepayment with deposit

Another powerful method of reducing no-shows is by allowing customers to pay in advance for their appointments. This convenient functionality has been available from Aimy since August 2023 and has several benefits:

  • Increase engagement: The fact that they have also already made a financial commitment motivates customers to show up for their appointment. This results in fewer no-shows
  • Receiving money earlier: the salon receives its money earlier
  • When someone doesn't show up, you've received money anyway

Confirmation with automatic calendar notification

Another way to reduce no-shows is to provide customers with clear confirmation of their appointment, including automatic notifications in their calendar. Aimy's software makes this process seamless. Customers not only receive a confirmation of their appointment, but it is also automatically added to their digital calendar. This makes the appointment a reminder that customers are less likely to forget.

Aimy: your partner in no-show management

With Aimy's software, you no longer have to worry about no-shows. Our software makes it easy to send reminders, provide confirmations with calendar notifications and collect payments in advance. This leaves you with fewer no-shows and more sales, happy customers and staff.

Start reducing no-shows today and experience the benefits of Aimy. Contact us for more information or a free demo.

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