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Maaike and Brenda: the founders and stylists of Frisør (a Scandinavian nod to "Friseur"), a new addition to Bussum in the Gooi region. They already worked together in a salon in Amersfoort and were already fantasizing about their own salon. This year this dream came true and together they brought their years of (international) experience to Frisør, where they can finally do everything their own way.

Scandinavian influences can be found in the interior of the salon, they create a calm and homey feel. Maaike and Brenda's goal: to offer a moment of relaxation while the customer enjoys the best hair care. You should be able to relax at Frisør and take a moment to unwind. Everything is authentic, pure and selected and executed with love.

The best treatments for the customer and for the world

At Frisør, craftsmanship, service, personal attention and quality are on top of the list. To ensure that they remain continuously inspired, they invest heavily in their development. Partly because of this, they manage to not only look at external features, but also at the personality of the customer. In addition, they like to invest in sustainable and natural products for the best treatment for the customer and the world!

With a new salon comes, of course, a new - but mostly innovative - software. In our search, we quickly came across Aimy. We want to build something beautiful with our salon for the future and with Aimy we can grow with it. In addition, the service Aimy offers us is completely in line with the service we always give to our customers.

- Maaike & Brenda | Frisør

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