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Mandy and Kim; two cousins from Utrecht with a shared passion for hairdressing. Together they have been running a beautiful business in their beloved "Utereg" since 2016: Beichies, or "with the two of them." A typical neighborhood barber - even though the location in the middle of Oudegracht would lend itself perfectly to it - it is definitely not. Just stopping by for a haircut is out of the question. Due to their own success formula, they even have a customer freeze until next summer!

With a large dose of creativity, their goal is to reflect the client's identity in the hairstyle. "You are like your hair" is what they stand for and so it is also their mission to create the best hairstyles that will reflect the client's personality.

Quality in the salon begins behind the scenes

Not only the clients of Beichies can benefit from the creativity of these two girls. They were also only too happy to share their ideas with Aimy: "If we want to provide quality in the salon, the systems will also have to be of a certain level." With their specific wishes and requirements for the software, together they helped to improve Aimy's software super fast.

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Aimy is the perfect addition to our salon. The reason we work well together as cousins is because we really complement each other. The creative and business part is now super well taken care of and also really the strength of our salon. What we were still missing was someone for the digital look. With the team of Aimy we can really switch well and it feels like the picture is now complete.
It was a real eye-opener for us that we can express our ideas, without it being considered difficult or inconvenient. Now we get a lot of energy back and the ideas are only added to and made even better. As a result, we see our ideas reflected in software updates and we see that Aimy is also constantly improving and developing. We think that is really cool and gives us a lot of confidence for the future.

- Mandy & Kim | Beichies

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