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Nick van Leent, an accomplished hairdresser with a whopping 19 years of experience in the profession, has had a unique journey in the beauty and design world. His story began in graphic design school, where he soon discovered that a career at a graphic design firm was not what he was looking for. Nick longed for more freedom as a creative, and he has since found that freedom!

Nick is now the proud owner of Agga Yama. It is not your average salon, but a unique place with a hairdresser, a design studio and a workshop all under one roof. Agga Yama is all about making you beautiful, whether it's beautiful haircuts, metal artwork or designs. It is the place where art, style and craftsmanship come together.

Agga Yamma

Focusing on what I am good at

It is essential to Nick that his clients do not feel forgotten, which is why he is immensely grateful for the support Aimy provides. Aimy manages his schedule so he can focus on what he does best: creating beautiful looks and designs for his clients.

Agga Yamma
Nick van Leent - customer of Meet Aimy

'For me, the match with Aimy is perfect. I was used to still working with a paper calendar, and now booking everything myself saves so much work! Aimy is financially sound, accessible and the reminder to clients are ideal. With questions, you can always contact them as well. You are really in touch with the core of the company. I feel really connected and well understood as a hairdresser. I love it.

I would recommend working with Aimy 100%!

- Nick van Leent | Agga Yama

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