Entrepreneurial Business Intern

Are you looking for a cool internship at a super creative and fast growing startup? As an entrepreneurial business intern you will get a unique insight into the kitchen of a fast-growing company and be involved in everything from sales and customer service to managing an international development team.

This is what your day can look like

You enter our cool co-working space and grab a nice cup of coffee or cappuccino. You then join the daily stand-up with the international software development team to discuss the state of affairs. Then you go out with sales for a demo of our software at one of the most successful salons in the Netherlands. Already on the way back, you'll help answer incoming questions from existing customers and then discuss customer feedback directly with the founders to see if we can make the software even better together. Before you head home, finish your day with a game of table tennis against one of your own colleagues or someone from one of the other fun startups in the building.

Profile of candidate

  • You are pursuing a relevant business related education.
  • You have an affinity for software, sales and business operations.
  • You are eager to learn, service-oriented and pick up things quickly
  • You come up with solution-oriented ideas and you are creative
  • Extra bonus points: a project that shows your affinity for entrepreneurship
  • You are looking for an internship starting in September 2022

Job description and duties

  • You will fully participate in all operational activities of Aimy, from sales and onboarding to product development.
  • You will think about improving the various business processes.
  • You personally follow up on incoming leads and schedule demos.
  • You will help answer customer service questions.
  • You will support the two founders in day-to-day operations.

What does Aimy offer?

Aimy gives you the opportunity to work in a creative fast-growing startup, where you will be able to fully participate immediately and will work closely with the founders themselves.

You get super much freedom to bring in your own ideas and execute them yourself with the goal of making as many potential customers, fans of Aimy as possible.

Despite the freedom, you get all the support, when you need it and you can turn to anyone for questions.

Company Description

Aimy helps salons run their business better and connect with the new generation of customers. Through our smart chatbot technology, customers get the most personalized digital experience when making an online appointment or for getting online product or hair advice. Because of our innovative and customer-centric approach, the number of salons working with Aimy is growing mega fast and more and more hairdressers are becoming fans of Aimy.

With this internship, you will contribute directly to turning this loyalty into a strong online strategy that helps us grow even faster.