5 strategies to increase your salon sales

Running a successful salon requires more than just talent and passion for your craft. Of course, as a hairdresser, in addition to fulfilling your clients' needs, you also want to generate enough revenue to grow your salon in a competitive market. In this blog, we share five helpful strategies that will help you increase your sales and take your salon to a new level.

Social media

We can't ignore the fact that social media plays a crucial role in many of the choices we make these days, think of this also when looking for a suitable salon for a new hair color or a surprising haircut. Your online visibility is therefore important. Make full use of platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest to show off your work, show off satisfied clients, promote your services and give a peek into your salon. This is how you get noticed! And this not only attracts new clients, but also increases sales! 🌟💰

Online findability

In addition to online visibility, findability is also very important! It's great to share beautiful photos on Instagram, show fun dances on TikTok and share helpful tips on Facebook, but it's just as important to be easily findable through Google. Make sure your website is optimized for search engines (SEO) to be easily found by potential customers. And once in a while, don't forget to do a check on the information posted on Google Maps. It's no fun for a client to have a complete stranger on the line or standing in front of a closed door at your old location. 🔍

Email Marketing

A well-maintained email list can be a powerful tool to generate more sales. Regularly send valuable content, fun haircut trends, special offers and helpful tips to keep your clients excited. This will keep them engaged and motivated to visit your salon, ultimately leading to more sales. But remember, use email marketing in moderation; you want to keep your customers engaged, not inundate them.😄


Positive reviews are invaluable to your salon. After all, did you know that 90% of consumers read reviews when making a choice? So don't hesitate to politely ask satisfied customers to leave a review on platforms such as Google. These glittering stars can convince others to choose your salon as well. ✨

Customer Service

Last but not least, never underestimate the importance of excellent customer service. If you want more customers, don't forget your current customers. Treat every customer with care and attention, listen to their needs and ensure a positive experience. After all, the power of word of mouth is greater than you think! 👥💬

By applying these five strategies, you can not only increase your sales, but also grow and prosper your salon. It takes some effort, but the rewards are worth it. Get started and watch your salon soar to new heights!

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